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Chrütli hike "Family hike - dam to the mountain flowers"

Explore the unique mountain flora with the druggist and homeopath Astrid Thurner at different locations in surses.


03.08.2022 at 09:10 o'clock
Ort Postbus stop Savognin Posta

This half-day hike offers an abundance of rare mountain and forest flowers, as well as the exciting history around Marmorera and Castigl.

With the Postbus we drive to Marmorera to the dam. From there we walk botanizing via Castigl to Tgarnet and Platz until we finally reach Mulegns. On the way we discover the beautiful mountain flower landscape and learn exciting things about the history of the villages Marmorera and Castigl. From Mulegns, take the Postbus back to Savognin.
Route: By Postbus to Marmorera Dam - Castigl - Tgarnet - Plaz - Mulegns

Focus: Mountain and forest flowers

Highlight: History around Marmorera and Castigl

Book online at: valsurses.ch/erlebnisse


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