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Chrütli hike "Unique alpine flora of the Val d' Err - Motta d' Err"

Val d'Err with its unique alpine flora and the enchanted forest above Rona: Explore the unique alpine flora in various places in the Surses with the druggist and homeopath Astrid Thurner.


19.07.2023 at 09:00 o'clock
CHF 30.- / CHF 15.- Children (6 - 16 years), with guest card Val Surses CHF 20.- / CHF 10.-
Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the implementation of the experience offer.

This day hike offers us many rare and protected alpine plants and a unique landscape.

By bus we go from Savognin to Penza (1660 m). After 11/2 hours of hiking through the forest we reach Motta d'Err (1977 m). In the middle of the Edelweiss, Alpenaster, Alpenalei and carnation mats we rest and enjoy the great view of the Val d'Err.
Nearby we look at the eagle's nest and with a little luck also the young eagle.
Equipped with binoculars, we search the slopes for ibexes and chamois. But also the golden eagle and the numerous marmots we do not miss.

The highlight of the day is igl trotg da Bartg. We enjoy this flower path to Bartg before the lunch break. To the left and right of the path we admire numerous fire lilies, alpine mountain embrasures, mountain laser herb, Turk's bunch, paradise lilies, orchids and many more.

After the lunch break we hike from Bartg (1820 m) to Tgant Pensa (1659 m) from there a shady forest path leads us to Plaz Beischen (1534 m).
After a little refreshment we enjoy the last section through the beautiful enchanted forest, where we can possibly also collect some egg sponges. At 16:15 we reach Rona (1410m), from where the post bus takes us back to Savognin.
Route: (Savognin-Penza by bus) - Motta d'Err - Igl Trotg da Bartg - Tgant Penza - Plaz Beischen - Rona

Focus: Alpine Aster, Alpine Aquilei, Fire Lilies, Turk's League, Carnations
Highlight: Zauberwald ob Rona
Online booking: www.valsurses.ch/erlebnisse (possible from May 2023)

Included services
Chrütli hike
Bus to Penza

Online registration required until 17.00 the day before.

Minimum number of participants: 4
If there are too few registrations, the tourist office will inform you and the money will be refunded.
The number of participants is limited.

Hiking equipment
Walking shoes
Rain jacket
Enough to drink
possibly hiking poles and binoculars

Meeting place
At the valley station of the Savognin cable cars (parking possibility)

Questions & Answers
How long is the effective hiking time?

The times are hiking time plus botanizing time, the breaks are not included.

Hiking time approx. 4.5 hours / 9.8 km
Botanizing time approx. 1.5 hour


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