De Räuber Hotzenplotz

A musical hunt for crooks


20.02.2022 from 17:00 to 18:10 o'clock
Adults CHF 34.-
Hello Family and Supercard offer CHF 28.-
Children CHF 26.-
Hello Family and Supercard offer CHF 21.-
excl. fees

Probably the most notorious robber of all time is going around! And no one has yet managed to put a stop to it. All the more courageous that Kasper and Seppli have put exactly that in their heads. The children's book classic by Otfried Preussler will go on a big tour through German-speaking Switzerland from autumn as criminally fast-paced stage fun by Coop Kindermusicals.ch!

Ironically, the brand new coffee grinder of Kasper's grandmother has stolen the Hotzenplotz. But this time he should not get off scot-free. Determined, Kasper and Seppli get on their socks to capture the cunning robber.
What starts with a good plan, however, gets completely out of control: The robber Hotzenplotz captures Kasper and Seppli and soon the two friends are in great danger. Will they succeed in outwiting the Hotzenplotz and bringing back grandmother's coffee grinder?

With a lot of wit, clever songs and a good portion of suspense, Brigitt Maag (Karl's kühne Gassenschau) stages an unforgettable theater experience for the whole family.

Texts and music in dialect. Recommended from 5 years.


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