Exhibition "Segantini in Savognin" in the Sala Segantini

Sala Segantini presents the exhibition "Segantini in Savognin". There are no originals of the artist to see, but a small fine exhibition about his life and work in Savognin.


15.12.2021 to 31.01.2022

The world-famous painter Giovanni Segantini, who knew how to capture the magic of light in the Alps like no other, lived and painted in Savognin from 1886 to 1894. welttraum relies on a simple, creative and surprising solution to give the painter of light his place in Savognin. The exhibition focuses on the busy life and the work of Segantinis, which is changing in Savognin. This is contrasted with the wooden figure of the contemporary artist Inigo Gheyselinck, which was created in the context of Woodvetia, a campaign for Swiss wood. The figure of Segantinis stands in the middle of all the works created in Savognin and serves as a contemporary reflection surface. With an exhibition in simple design language, visitors are invited to get involved in the exciting, wild, restless personality of Giovanni Segantinis. The exhibition was commissioned by the Parc Ela association and the Pro Segantini Association.


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