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The Parc Ela has an extraordinary musical variety. On 5 stages 40 music groups of different styles with a total of 800 musicians, singers and school children from the Parc Ela perform:


A day full of music, singing and dancing. Old and surprising. The brass bands and choirs from Parc Ela, folk music bands, pop and rock bands as well as 450 school children and young people who have been preparing for their performances for a long time are also present. In addition: instrument course of the music school Grischun Central, sound garden, workshops and much more. The "Festa da musica Parc Ela" makes this diversity of musical tradition and talent visible and tangible in the region. It is embedded in the nationwide "Day of Music". The parc Ela association organizes the event in partnership with the music school Grischun Central, the schools Albulatal and Surses, the municipality albula/Alvra, graubündenviva as well as the music societies and choirs in Parc Ela. It is financially supported by: Kulturförderung Graubünden / Swisslos, Migros Kulturprozent, Bündner Kantonalbank, Ehmann-Stiftung Savognin, Lienhard Stiftung. | In and around the Tiefencastel schoolhouse


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