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Research Evening "CVMBAT"

In the Oberhalbstein, more and more traces of a Roman battlefield are coming to light, e.g. a 2000-year-old dagger in 2019.


13.08.2022 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
"Simply for returns" applies here – if you arrive by public transport, you will return free of charge! All information under www.parc-ela.ch/retour
Due to limited seats, we ask for registration.
Cinema Stalla

Already 20 years ago, early Roman spinning lead was found near the gorge Crap Ses between Tiefencastel and Cunter. Since then, more than 750 wholes or parts of early Roman and Celtic protective and offensive weapons have been seized at four locations. Among them are other slingshots, projectile tips, sword fragments and shoe nails. In 2019, even a 2000-year-old dagger was found and restored. As a result, the five-year research project "CVMBAT" was initiated, in which the landscape of finds is searched on a large scale. Peter-Andrew Schwarz from the University of Basel presents the research project "CVMBAT" in the atmospheric Cinema Stalla and is available for lively exchange.


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