Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage in Savognin

Anna Barbara Rageth

Veia Naloz, 7460 Savognin


17.10.2021 to 01.01.2022
Price A massage lasts 1.5 hours and costs CHF 120.00

The Thai yoga massage originates from India and is a tool to bring stagnant energy into flow and to ignite our own inner healing. The touch is a channel so that the healing energy can flow into the body system.

Thai Yoga massage is a gentle, dynamic full-body massage that uses palm pressure, thumbs and feet to work on meridian points and energy lines. The body is moved in different positions (back/abdomen/side position and sitting) from bottom to top, stretched and the limbs are mobilized.
The massage has a deeply relaxing, balancing, harmonizing effect and brings a fine and holistic body feeling with it.


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