Castle ruin Greifenstein

The ruins of Greifenstein Castle are enthroned on a rugged rock above the first helical tunnel of the Rhaetian Railway above Filisur. The castle can be reached on foot from Filisur in around 30 minutes.


The castle was probably built in the 12th century. It was the centre of the Greifenstein dominion with the villages Filisur, Bergün, Latsch and Stugl/Stuls. From the end of the 14th century until 1537 the castle was the regional administrative centre of the bishop of Chur. The episcopal bailiffs left the population more and more rights until they bought themselves out in 1537. After that the castle was no longer inhabited. However, the great decay of the castle only took place in 1840: The walls of the castle were used to build the school in Filisur.




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Castle ruin Greifenstein

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