Energieweg 06: Die erste Hütte


Here you stand at the old Kesch hut. When it was built in 1893 with 26 sleeping places, the alpinists were able to climb the glacier a few meters below the hut. Their destination was usually the Piz Kesch, which was first climbed in 1846 by Johann W. F. Coaz. 

A lot has changed since then: the glacier has retreated and the hut now offers space for 92 guests. In addition, the demands of the guests have increased. In the past, a roof over the head and some woolen blankets were enough. Today, guests can expect duvets, toilets and showers. The energy demand in mountain huts has therefore increased sharply in recent decades.

The Kesch-Hütte has a sophisticated energy concept: Keep energy consumption as low as possible and produce most of the energy itself. The Kesch hut requires 37900 kWh of energy per year. This is comparable to a four-person household. With 5000 overnight stays per year, this is only 7.6 kWh per night. That's how much energy a person consumes on a 15-hour bike tour.

Behind the new hut at the next interesting place "Baktierien fürs Abwasser" you will next learn how the wastewater is purified.


Energieweg 06: Die erste Hütte

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