Expedition 02: Jung und dynamisch

Alpinisten vor 120 Jahren an diesem Standort.
Luftbild der näheren Umgebung mit der klar sichtbaren Begrenzung des Gletschervorfelds.


They stand on the edge of the Porchabella glacier forefield. About 120 years ago, the glacier ended here. Back then, you could have comfortably stepped on the ice - like the alpinists in the picture. 

The glacier forefield is the young landscape that has emerged from under the melting ice since the end of the Little Ice Age 150 years ago. The special feature of the Porchabella glacier forefield is its size and the clearly recognizable demarcation, but also the diverse shapes. Various moraines, sands, hollows with lakes and glacial polish make the glacier forefield unique. 

Inventory of glacier forefields

Since 2001, the apron of the Porchabella Glacier has been listed in the national inventory of glacier forefields and alpine alluvial plains IGLES. This includes around 50 glacier forefields, which are to be preserved with their bedload and water dynamics. 

The apron of the Porchabella Glacier lies between the edge of the glacier and the Kesch Hut and is part of the BLN area Kesch-Ducan (Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance). With 250 hectares, it is one of the larger glacier forefields in the canton of Graubünden.

In the video, botanist Mary Leibundgut explains why she likes this glacier forefield so much.


Continue along the marked trail.


Expedition 02: Jung und dynamisch

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