Expedition 05: Steinreiche Hinterlassenschaft

Vor 1900 floss der Porchabellagletscher in zwei Richtungen.
Schema der verschiedenen Moränen-Typen.


In the picture you can see that the Porchabella glacier had two tongues around 1900. One flowed as today towards Val Tuors, the other into Val da Tschüvel. In addition to old photographs, this can also be seen on the basis of the deposited moraines.

The mound of angular stones and loose fine material to the north (left) next to you is a moraine. It formed when the Porchabella glacier ended here.

Interesting facts about moraines can be found in the audio. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 


Now follow the left path.

Audio Guide



Expedition 05: Steinreiche Hinterlassenschaft

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