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Expedition 06: Alpenmannsschild und Gefährten

Typische Pflanzen der Alpenmsnnsschild-Schuttflur.

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Where there is snow until June and the nights are frosty even in summer, where stones and debris slip again and again, no closed lawn can form. The typical plant community that forms under such conditions and at this altitude is the Alpenmannsschild-Rubble Meadow (Androsacion alpinae). It consists mainly of plants that form cushions such as the Alpine man's shield (photo). In the pictures you can see other representatives of this rubble corridor.

Depending on the type of rock and the subsoil conditions, very different conditions arise. You can hear what effect this has on the plant community in the audio. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. In the pictures you will find examples of lime-tolerant plant species.


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Saure und basische Böden


Expedition 06: Alpenmannsschild und Gefährten

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