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Expedition 08: Vom Schleifen und Leichen

Felsen, vom Gletscher geschliffen.
Ansicht des weiteren Wegs.

Expedition 08: Vom Schleifen und Leichen


On this rock hump you can feel how stone by stone makes you fine. Hardest rock becomes tender when it is polished by glacial ice weighing tons and stones, gravel and sand carried along. Glacial polishing is the technical term for this. Large stones leave scratch marks that indicate the direction of glacier flow even after the ice has long since melted. Be inspired by nature - create a work of art with the angular moraine stones and the smooth rock!

Not only smooth rocks thawed out of the ice, in the 1990s it was even a glacier corpse from the 17th century, including crest and louse eggs.

In the video, Jürg Rageth, who used to work for the Graubünden Archaeological Service and was present at the find, tells you more about the body find and shows you pictures of the find.


Now descend to the mossy green area in front of you, where you will learn more about the settlement of gravel surfaces. As for the pictures, it has a photo that will help you find the way. 


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