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Expedition 18: Keine Beeren in Sicht

Bis sich hier eine solche Zwergstrauchheide ausbildet, dauert es Jahrhunderte.

Expedition 18: Keine Beeren in Sicht


Around 1950, the glacial ice melted here. Since then, this vegeation has developed. It is already a bit denser than up in front of the glacier. The stones almost disappear under the plants and the soil is better developed.

On the banks of the stream, a mossy bank community has developed, as is typical for glacier forefields. However, it will take centuries before a dwarf shrub heath develops here as in Plan da Salect (photo) with alpine roses, blueberries and heather.

You can find out more in the audio. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 


Here the route branches off from the stream. Now continue in the direction of Kesch-Hütte.


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