Expedition 19: Grasfrosch-Höhepunkt

Die Kaulquappen des Grasfrosch wachsen hier schneller als im Unterland.
Weiter oben als hier kommt der Grasfrosch nicht vor.


Take a close look at the lake. Do you see the grass frogs? Or their tadpoles?

Grass frogs are the only amphibians in Switzerland that also live above the tree line. Only from 2600 meters above sea level, i.e. from here, is also the end for the grass frogs. The amphibians have adapted perfectly to the altitude. The spawning bales are dark colored to absorb as much solar heat as possible. Although the spawning season is postponed far into the summer, it is no problem for the larvae to leave the water before the onset of winter. In these high altitudes they simply grow a little faster than in the lowlands and only in exceptional cases they have to hibernate in the larval stage.

In the audio you can listen to the proud males. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 

Back to Kesch Hut

The easiest way is to climb up behind the turbine house to a small path. If you follow this to the left, after a short time you will come to the Hüttenweg and from there comfortably back to the Kesch-Hütte.

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Expedition 19: Grasfrosch-Höhepunkt

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