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FiliTour Nr. 11: Hof Streglia

Der Hof Streglia ist einer der letzten beiden Bauernhöfe im Dorfkern Filisur.
Die Inschrift auf der Giebelfassade ist Programm auf dem Hof Streglia.

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Horizontale Sgraffito-Bänder verweisen auf die Etagengliederung.


A room full of books – the parish library

From 1650 to 1833 the house belonged to the Graubünden parish family Leonhardi. Johannes Christian Leonhardi, born in 1671, also came from her – one of the most publishing-happy Graubünden theologians of the 17th/18th century. He is said to have written in German, Romansh, English and Italian. Today, the Leonhardi family can still be found in the US state of Colorado, where its descendants emigrated.

The house passed into the possession of the salis-florinett parish family in 1833. Father Salis was also a farmer and responsible for the breeding bull, which as a parish animal covered all the cows in the village. 

In 1920, the great uncle of the current owner bought the house. He found on the upper floor a room full of books from the years 1590 to 1812, the Salian Parish Library. The supposedly old junk was disposed of, only about 60 books escaped destruction. Among other things, a valuable Engadine Bible from 1743 was saved.

In the audio, farmer Wolfgang Schutz talks about his work and the advantages and disadvantages of a farm in the middle of the village. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 

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Hof Streglia


FiliTour Nr. 11: Hof Streglia

Dorfstr. 59, 7477 Filisur

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