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Memorial stone Giovanni Segantini

Gedenkstein Giovanni Segantini
The world-famous painter Giovanni Segantini arrived in Savognin in 1886. Take a break at the memorial stone and see the landscape and the light that Segantini so instilled.

Memorial stone Giovanni Segantini


Segantini grew up in northern Italy. In 1886, he arrived in Savognin in search of new landscapes for his paintings. Inspired by the mountain scenery, Segantini painted numerous paintings in the following years. He spent a lot of time at Lai Tigiel and on Alp Tussagn, his favourite place during the summer months.

By the way: Hike the paintings of Giovanni Segantini with the book "Walking like painted Graubünden" and learn how he used the landscape for his paintings. Discover and learn about the artist's life on a circular walk in the Savognin region, where Segantini painted his paintings. The book "Wandering as Painted Graubünden" written by Ruth Michel Richter and Konrad Richter can be borrowed or purchased at the tourist office in Savognin.


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