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Old parish church Son Cosmas and Damian


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St. Cosmas and Damian, early Romanesque complex with late Gothic tower.


The old parish church is an early Romanesque east-facing complex with a rectangular nave and semi-circular, arched apse. As in most Bündner churches, the north side is windowless. Apsis and saddle roof is covered with stone slabs. The late Romanesque tower, not in conjunction with the ship, was built at the end of the 14th century. In 1450, bell floors with a tent roof were added. The church is dedicated to St. Cosmas and Damian, twin brothers from Asia Minor.

How did the remote Mon come to these church patrons? Finds from Roman times in the 1st century AD such as ceramics, fibula above the village, suggest that before opening the path through the gorge of the Crap Ses, the pass traffic from Tiefencastel via Mon-Del-Salouf to Savognin continued. Soldiers, merchants and pilgrims may have brought the news of the early Christian witnesses here. An even closer source for the cult of Cosmas and Damian was certainly the monastery of Pfäfers, which already had relics of the two holy doctors in the 9th century. Secure documents about Mon are not found until 1281 in an episcopal income rodel.


Public Transport

With the PostBus from Chur to Tiefencastel or with the Rhaetian Railway to Tiefencastel. From there take the PostBus to Mon.


Take the Thusis Süd exit and continue in the direction of St. Moritz to Tiefencastel. In Tiefencastel turn right to Mon.


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