Felsenfest Parc Ela in Bivio | Sunday, August 4th


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Spiertin 05: Knorrige Greise

Auf dem Bild siehst du die 3 Baumarten Lärche, Arve und Fichte.


Where the ice of the glacier retreats, life must start from scratch. First, a stone and scree desert emerges from under the ice. Hundreds of years pass before a forest like the one you just walked through has grown.

Now listen to the audio what Spiertin has to tell you about it. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 

How to recognize the age of trees?

To find out the exact age of a tree, it is necessary to count the tree rings inside the trunk. To do this, either a tree can be felled, or you can take a special small drill. The experts - they call themselves dendrologists - can use it to pull a small drill core from the trunk and count the tree rings.


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