Naturlehrpfad Albula

Veia digl Pader 01: Igl Auto

Punt Crap mit Gelgia
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Igl car

Corra, corra, antipatic construction,

ampestond e sdivirond.

Quants ast gio struptgia, smardatgea,

An tia furia tras igl moon! -

Igl carstgang duvress betg tanta prescha,

betg tant correr, tant sgular!

Tar la mort el reiva anc ad ouras,

Sainza correr scu en nar!

Fr. Alexander Lozza

the car

Run, run disgusting beetle


noise and with stench!

How many cripples, how many dead

you made with frenzy!

But man does not need

such haste, as if in flight.

He dies soon enough,

don't have to run like a fool!

Duri Loza (translation)

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Igl auto


Veia digl Pader 01: Igl Auto

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