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Via Sett: Bergeller Strom in Zurich

Die Albigna-Staumauer wurde zur Stromproduktion und zum Schutz vor Hochwasser gebaut. Sie ist 759m hoch und 115m lang.
Der Albigna Stausee liegt auf 2100 m und fasst über 900'000 m3 Wasser.

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Bau der Albigna Staumauer im Jahr 1959.

Via Sett: Bergeller Strom in Zurich


Even today, the Septimer Pass serves as a transport route - no longer for visible goods on the back of hem, but for electricity. The high-voltage lines of the Zurich ewz power plant conduct the electricity over 190 km from The Bergell via the Septimer Pass to Sils i.D. and on to Zurich.  

Have you already discovered the imposing wall of the Albignia Reservoir high above the valley? The loan of 175 million Swiss francs approved by Zurich in 1954 and the subsequent construction of the Bergeller power plants heralded a new economic era for the entire valley. 

On average, the power plants produce 437 GWh per year. This corresponds roughly to the electricity consumption of 100,000 Swiss households. All Bergeller ewz power plants are certified with the quality label naturemade basic. Cornelia Bandes will tell you what the award with this label means with the audio symbol.


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