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Via Sett: Hemaser am Septimer

Ein Saumzug kämpft sich durch den Schnee.
Johann Jakob Wick beschreibt das Schicksal von zwei Säumern Ende 16. Jahrhunderts: "Am 18. Januar 1586 brachen zwei Säumer ein auf dem Malojapass, später wurden sie am Septimer von einer Schneelawine getöten."

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Beladene Saumpferde in einer Bergschlucht.


This narrow spot here is the border between Bivio and the Bergell and thus also the border of Parc Ela!

Because of such bottlenecks, the mammalian companies in the 13th century adopted strict regulations on the width and weight of the rod or cargo. The goods could not weigh more than 120-130 kilograms and be a maximum of 3 metres wide. 

A hemaser usually led 6 animals, connected by rods, over the pass. The animals wore a bell so that they could be heard from afar. Thus, an oncoming parade in the steep terrain was able to look for a suitable alternative point at an early stage. 

In summer and winter, heamers were on the pass road. The neighbouring municipalities of Casaccia and Bivio were therefore obliged to clear and stamp the path freely with shovels and oxen. Especially in winter it was particularly dangerous due to the steep slopes and avalanche danger.




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