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Naturlehrpfad Albula

Wasserweg ansaina 04: Schwefelquelle



There are places that literally summon you. There are others you can feel. And others whose presence is in the air. Sulfur smell can be captured from afar. Sometimes, however, you prefer the wind to come from a different direction. Here in the forest, where firs, larches, bushes and shrubs line the path, a horizontal line leads to a place of power. It is a wooden path that you have to walk to get to the source. The scent of sulfur mixes here with the fresh air of the forest. A fold of the slope opens a small underworld that is bubbling and conjuring up colors and scents. A small witch's kitchen of nature, which quietly reminds that here in the valley a sophisticated health resort made the sulfur water known.


Wasserweg ansaina 04: Schwefelquelle

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