Nature trail Albula

Wasserweg ansaina 10: Albula und Schaftobelbach

Albula und Schaftobelbach

Wasserweg ansaina 10: Albula und Schaftobelbach


The Albula, which rises as a foaming spring on the Albula Pass, also gives the valley its name. From the source to the stopover in the shimmering blue Palpuogna Lake, it is only a short journey. With the construction of the railway, the hydropower of the water rushing down from Lake Palpuogna was used for the first time. After the gentle passage of the water through the valley stage Preda, it shoots through gorges, over waterfalls as well as under railway viaducts and engineering structures of the Albula road, up to the valley level Bergün, where the river is tamed and the majority of the water is transported through a pressure tunnel, coordinated and monitored, into the "moated castle" up whether Filisur is transported. Once there, electricity is generated by hydropower deep down in the Filisur valley stage, the water is tamed again and turbinated for the third time in the Tiefencastel valley stage. On its way to its mouth in the Hinterrhein, the Albula gains strength: among other things through the water falling over the towering waterfall of the Schaftobel.


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