Top 5.

Activities for young children from 0-2 years

Familie beim Spazieren
Hiking with the baby carriage? No problem! In Val Surses young children can enjoy and experience the diversity of nature on hiking trails suitable for baby carriages.

1. Hike from Tigignas to Savognin

This easy hiking trail, which is suitable for baby carriages, leads from Tigignas via the Maiensäss settlements of Fotgs and Parnoz to Savognin. On the way you will also pass one of the most important baroque buildings of the canton, the church Son Martegn in Savognin with a completely painted round dome.

Parnoz in Savognin

2. Barbecue place at the Geissenhof Rona

The generous barbecue area is a highlight for every family who wants to comfortably grill their cervelats by the fire. After the meal, the children can let off some steam in the nearby stream. A highlight for every child!

Grillstelle beim Geissenhof in Rona

3. Playground and barbecue Lareschs

On a small circular trail through the beautiful larch forest, a wooden hut, various wooden games and beautiful wooden forest creatures are waiting for little children. While the children let off steam, the parents can rest on the wooden loungers. There is a treasure hunt in the summer 2024 at the playground.

4. Visit the Geissenpeter

How do the goats spend the summer on the Tigignas alp? The goat herder will provide you with exciting information about the animals and the shepherd's life. You can also pet and feed the goats and taste goat's cheese.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Bathing lake Lai Barnagn

The Lai Barnagn bathing lake in Savognin offers fun and games for children of all ages with its playground on the water and on the ground.

Badesee Lai Barnagn Savognin