Bed & Breakfast

Zimmer im Ferienresort Surses Alpin, Savognin
Our small yet cosy accommodation offers its own special charm and a personal atmosphere. Enjoy the breakfast served for the guest room visitors – fully in accordance with the Bed & Breakfast role model – and enjoy the insider tips from your hosts.
If you are looking for an informal place to stay, our private accommodation is perfect for you.

Five reasons to stay in a Bed & Breakfast

  • Many Bed & Brekfast bowners in the Savognin Bivio Albula region offer family-friendly accommodation.
  • In winter you can use the Postauto bus, the Savognin Sportbus and the natural ice rink, as well as visit the Museum Regiunal free of charge with the Ela Card.
  • When you stay in a Bed & Breakfast, you can relax and enjoy the Alpine world and take the holiday at your own pace.
  • Enjoy going straight from your bed onto the slopes: The skiing fun awaits right outside the front door.
  • You can choose from a very diverse range of Bed & Breakfast from modern to traditional mountain lodges.
Savognin Dorf
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Our B&B

Book your B&B in Savognin Bivio Albula today and spend an adventurous holiday in the heart of Graubünden.

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