Origen Festival Cultural

Origen Festival Cultural Julierturm
The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. This cultural instituation shows a variety art at Riom and at many other places.

Origen Festival Cultural

The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. Accordingly, the programme of the festival is a commitment to the cultural power of a trilingual region which thrives on cultural exchange. The cultural organisation Origen is responsible for the annual Origen Festival of Culture and primarily dedicates itself to the promotion and production of professional contemporary opera.

Origens Theater Tower on the Julier Pass

Switzerland has a new theater. On the Julier Pass, at 2300 meters above sea level, the Origen Culture Festival has built a striking tower that opens onto the landscape, plays in all seasons and enables vertical stage play. The theater quotes the Babylonian tower and refers to the linguistic richness of a cultural region on the Alpine ridge that is affected by migration and struggles for new perspectives.

Origens Turm auf dem Julierpass

Other Venues

Origen builds temporary buildings, embedded in the surrounding landscape, which serve as a backdrop. Although the venues vary from year to year, Origen has two parent companies in his home town of Riom.

The medieval castle in Riom and the Clavadeira of Monsieur Carisch, in which the Sontga Crousch barn serves as a winter theater. With the theater in the “Clavadeira”, the festival was given an infrastructure that can be used all year round for the first time.

Wakker Prize for the Nova Fundaziun Origen

The important award is given to the Graubünden cultural institution “Nova Fundaziun Origen” for its exemplary handling of the existing building culture in the mountain village of Riom. It was launched in 2006 and has established a theater business and a festival of national importance and international reputation.

On August 18, 2018, the ceremonial handover of the Wakker Prize 2018 to the "Nova Fundaziun Origen" by the Swiss Homeland Security took place. This is the first time that a civil society organization has received the coveted award.

Origen Savognin

The café in the Villa Carisch and Restaurant Taratsch

The Taratsch restaurant opens with refined Italian cuisine, while the confectioner works in the Villa Carisch and invites you to coffee and cake in Monsieur Carisch's enchanting world of wallpaper.

The menu in Café Carisch is reminiscent of the large cake castles of the Bündner Kaffeebarone, which worked around the world. The house is open to all interested parties. The café cordially invites all theater-goers. In summer you can also linger in the wonderful garden. Open during the season.

Cafe Carisch Riom Origen

Save Mulegns

Last chance for Mulegns

The unique architectural and cultural-historical substance of the village of Mulegns is substantially threatened. The Nova Fundaziun Origen, winner of the Wakker Prize 2018, has acquired the buildings of the “Post Hotel Löwe” and the “Weisse Villa” of the Jegher family in Mulegns, thus saving them from the looming destruction.

The vision

Mulegns' potential is its stories. The village knows a lot about traveling. Illustrious guests from many countries stayed in the splendid beds of the "Post Hotel Löwe". Big legends from Bordeaux, Innsbruck and Constantinople have grown up around the confectioner dynasties of Jegher and Poltera. Fabulous fairies and daring shepherds roam the plateaus around the village. We want to tell these stories. With exhibitions, room installations and lectures on cultural history.

Mulegns tells his stories. And so finds new life.

Origen Verschiebung Weisse Villa Mulegns

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