Immerse yourself in the snow-covered mountain world. In Val Surses, countless snowshoe trails are waiting to be discovered by you.
Enjoy the glitter of the snow in the sun and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Snowshoe tours offer fun and exercise in untouched nature for young and old. The routes of our vacation region are partly combinable with the mountain cableways or the post bus.
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Our snowshoe tours

61 kilometers of marked snowshoe trails offer you winter experiences away from the slopes.

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Snowshoe hiking guide Sep Antona Bergamin
Tel. +41 79 335 43 56 or

Snowshoe hiking guide Stefan Moser
Tel. +41 81 637 11 00 or

Snowshoe hiking guide Victoria Spinas
Tel. +41 81 684 16 95 or

Mountain sports school Grischa
Tel. +41 79 102 33 65 or,


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Respect your limits

Wildlife rest areas and wildlife sanctuaries protect wildlife from excessive disturbance by human outdoor activities.

Wildlife rest areas and wildlife sanctuaries protect wild animals from excessive disturbance by human activities. Even the unexpected presence of a snowshoe hiker can be problematic for wild animals in winter: escaping costs a lot of energy, which is then lacking for survival. For this reason, wildlife rest areas may not be entered in winter, or only on marked routes.

Snow sports with respect