A lot of snow is to be expected above 2,400 metres above sea level. The hiking trails at this altitude are not passable.

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Ski Tour Planning

Ski touring
Here you can find all important information about planning a ski tour in Savognin Bivio.


Prepare thoroughly for your ski tour. We recommend the following maps as resources:

  • Bivio ski touring map 1:50,000
  • Julier Pass ski touring map 1:50,000

All of the maps are available from the Savognin Tourism office and the Bivio info point.

Route planning

Use the information from the avalanche bulletin and the weather forecast to plan your tour well. If you keep your eyes open in the backcountry and are able to refrain from taking on a tempting but risky slope when necessary, you will put yourself and others in less danger. Being considerate of flora and fauna is also part of the rules of conduct for backcountry skiers. Avalanche knowledge and familiarity with appropriate behaviour in high-Alpine areas are required for planning the right route.


Apart from well-maintained touring gear, you also need to take along special avalanche equipment. An avalanche shovel, avalanche transceiver device, avalanche probe or a ski-pole probe should always be included as standard gear.

Important numbers


  • Meteo Schweiz: 162
  • Alpine weather report: 0900 162 138 (CHF 1/min)


  • Medical emergency call / ambulance 144
  • REGA 1414
  • Emergency call 112
  • SOS Savognin mountain cableways 081 684 25 88
  • SOS Bivio ski lifts 081 684 52 33

Important websites

These websites will help you plan and also offer updated information about the weather and snow conditions and protected wildlife zone.