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Top 10 photospots.

Discover the best places for impressive photos

Alp Flix, Savognin
Find the right subject to share your holiday experience with your family and friends: Whether it's a medieval castle, a crystal clear mountain lake, a stone podium or an amazing mountain scenery. You're sure to find an impressive photo motif for your Instagram profile thanks to twintheworld's tips. Snap it, upload it and let your followers star in amazement.

Stone platform between Julier Pass and Grevasalvas

A short distance from the top of the pass, on the way to lai Grevasalvas, there are imposing rocks that invite you to take pictures. From there you can overview the many switchbacks in the direction of Bivio.

  • Hiking tip: From the Julier Pass to Plaun da Lej. Surely you will discover the stone pedestal on the way. Learn more
Marmorerasee, Savognin

Castle Riom

The castle in the middle of the village of Riom not only has an interesting history, but is also perfectly suitable as a photo motif. Therefore, it can be photographed from a variety of different perspectives. Each time the castle appears in a different character. A breathtaking background is also provided: the mountain range around the Piz Mitgel rises impressively above the valley.

  • Hiking tip: A comfortable hike leads from Tigignas to Riom and further to Savognin. Learn more
Himmelstor Bivio, Savognin
Himmelstor © Twintheworld


Church of Salouf

The church of Salouf is located on the very edge of the village. Whether at sunset, sunrise or simply in the middle of the day, the building is skillfully integrated into the painterly surroundings. Here, too, the mountain range around Piz Mitgel provides a harmonious background.

Hiking tip: Above Salouf is Ziteil, the highest elective church in Europe. Learn more

Alp Flix, Savognin

Crap Furo - The geographical center of Grisons

From Surava in the Albula valley you can reach the impressive rock Crap Furo within a good hour on foot. Already during the hike you can see it rising out of the forest again and again. On the way you get beautiful views over the valley. You can also photograph Crap Furo from a variety of angles. The surrounding trees can be incorporated into the picture as foreground and "framing".

  • Hiking tip: Hike from Surava to the geographical center of Grisons. Learn more
Lai Grevasalvas Bivio, Savognin

Chapel Alp Flix

On the Alp Flix you can find various photogenic houses, huts and other buildings. However, the most harmoniously integrated into the scenery is the Son Roc chapel. Especially in the evening hours, the panorama shows its best side. Especially in the mountains, chapels and churches look very good in pictures.

  • Hiking tip: Start your hike in Marmorera, enjoy a break at Alp Flix after the upward hike and then continue walking to Rona. Learn more
Val Faller, Savognin
Steinpodest Julierpass, Savognin

Lake Marmorera

A stop at Lake Marmorera is also definitely worthwhile. The extremely clear water shimmers in a wide variety of colors. When it is relatively calm, try to play with the reflections in the lake. Each corner of the shore offers a different perspective on the lake and brings another detail to the foreground.

  • Hiking tip: Walk from Bivio over the Alp la Motta to Marmorera. This hike offers a beautiful view on the lake. Learn more
Burg Riom, Savognin

Gates of Heaven

Below the Julier Pass hike into the Val d'Agnel, which is flanked by impressive mountains. Arriving at the gates of heaven, pause and enjoy this miracle of nature and the view. The Corn Alv offers an exciting background.

  • Hiking tip: The gates of heaven is one of the many highlights of the Exploratour. Learn more
Kirche Salouf, Savognin

Lakes Alp Flix

The view from Alp Flix in the direction of Piz Platta alone is worth the trip. The many small lakes and streams provide a playful foreground. Not only the Lais Blos (blue lakes), but also the Lai Neir (black lake) and the path to it through the hamlets of Tgalucas and Cuorts provide exciting motifs.

  • Hiking tip: Hike from Bivio over the Kanonensattel to the Alp Flix. Learn more
Crap Furo, Surava, Savognin

Lake Grevasalvas

Lai Grevasalvas has almost become a classic. It lies surrounded by a dreamlike mountain scenery. It can be reached on foot from the Julier Pass within an hour. The lake can also simply be a chilling break on the hike over the Fuorcla Grevasalvas into the Engadine.

  • Hiking tip: From the Julier Pass to Plaun di Lej. After the first ascent you will pass the Lai Grevasalvas. Learn more
Alp Flix, Savognin

Tga, Val Faller with Piz Platta

From Mulegns a path leads to the somewhat hidden Val Faller. After a hike of 1-2 hours, one of the best views is of the striking Piz Platta mountain. The foreground can be the little houses of the two hamlets on the plain, the river or even the wildflowers, which can be found in all colors.

  • Hiking tip: A somewhat longer, very worthwhile hiking trail leads you from Radons to Tga. Learn more