We are pleased that the Tourismusnagel is launched again in the 2023 season.

The Tourismusnagel is a tourism award presented by Tourismus Savognin Bivio Albula AG at the end of each year to local businesses in Val Surses with outstanding service quality. You are the jury by nominating your favourite business in the destination for the Tourismusnagel. Every business in Val Surses can be nominated for the Tourismusnagel. Simply fill out the survey and tell us your favourite business. Val Surses vouchers worth up to CHF 150 will be raffled off among all fully completed questionnaires:

1st prize: Bon Val Surses CHF 150.-
2nd prize: Bon Val Surses CHF 100.-
3rd prize: Bon Val Surses CHF 50.-

Click here for the guest survey:

Thank you very much for your participation.

What does the Tourismusnagel stand for?

  • The nail builds up and lasts.
  • The nail symbolises cohesion, just as the destination must be held together.
  • The winning business hits "the nail on the head".

Tourismusnagel Award Ceremony:

The three most-named businesses will receive the following prizes:

1st place: Tourismusnagel trophy and CHF 1'700

2nd place: CHF 1'200

3rd place: CHF 700

The announcement of the Tourismusnagel winners and the award ceremony will take place at the winter kick-off event "Partenza d'anviern 2023". The ratings of the businesses will be taken into account until the end of October 2023.