Tariffs of the Savognin mountain cableways

Gondel Savognin
Here you will find all the tariffs of the Savognin cable cars. From individual tickets to group prices to season tickets.
Skifahren Savognin
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Online Shop

Order your ticket for the Savognin mountain railways online, conveniently and easily from home. You can find the currently valid fares in our online shop. We recommend that our guests take out travel insurance.

Fixed tariffs

Fixed tariffs continue to apply for the following categories:

  • Sledging and pedestrian tickets
  • Dog tickets
  • Group rates
  • Season tickets
  • Tariffs for schools

Sledging and pedestrian tickets

Duration Adult Teenagers (16 -19 yrs.) Children (10 - 15 yrs.) Flurin-Kids* (6 -9 J.)
4 hrs. CHF 41.- CHF 37.- CHF 23.- CHF 7.-
1 day CHF 49.- CHF 44.- CHF 27.- CHF 7.-
per section CHF 12.- CHF 10.- CHF 7.- CHF 7.-
4 hrs. 1 day per section
CHF 41.- CHF 49.- CHF 12.-
Teenagers (16 -19 yrs.)
CHF 37.- CHF 44.- CHF 10.-
Children (10 - 15 yrs.)
CHF 23.- CHF 27.- CHF 7.-
Flurin-Kids* (6 -9 J.)
CHF 7.- CHF 7.- CHF 7.-

Dog card

Duration Dog
1 day CHF 5.-
Season 2023/24 CHF 30.-
1 day Season 2023/24
CHF 5.- CHF 30.-

Group tariffs

As a group, associations, companies or other official institutions from 15 persons are considered. The ticket must be purchased from the same date and for the same period of validity.

Skifahren Savognin
©Christoph Gramann

Season pass

Here you will find all season pass tariffs, including fast booking, early booking and advance booking discounts.

Tariffs for schools

We offer attractive rates for schools.

Detailed offers you will receive by e-mail info@savogninbergbahnen.ch

Important information

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