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33.01 Thusis - Tiefencastel, Via Albula / Bernina
Alvaschein/Alvaschagn has an intact village centre. It is located on a terrace high above the Albula dammed up to the Solis reservoir, the Solis Bridge of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and the church of St. Peter in Mistail.


Southeast of the village, on a rocky plateau above the dammed Albula at the entrance of the Schin Gorge, is located in secluded locations the most famous sight of the village: The monastery church of St. Peter in Mistail, built around 800 or a little earlier. It is the oldest and best preserved of the type of the Rhaetian Three-Apse Hall. In the village of Alvaschein there is a residential building with façade paintings created around 1600 by Hans Ardüser (1557-1614), village school teacher in Lantsch/Lenz, who moved through Graubünden as a travelling painter in the summer around 1600. The villagescape of Alvaschein/Alvaschagn was awarded as a "townscape of national importance". Also worth seeing are the Solis Viaduct of the RhB and the old Solis Bridge, both of which lead at dizzying heights over the Albula as well as the lowest part of the reservoir, which is accessible via the power plant access.



Alvaschein, village



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