Fireplace Surses

Barbecue area Plang la Curvanera

This barbecue area is located in Plang la Curvanera high above Savognin at around 1,800 m above sea level.M.


This is where the Natural Forest Reserve La Niva stretches. The barbecue area can be reached on foot from Savognin in about 1.5 hours. In the natural forest reserve La Niva, nature can develop freely. Trees felling is forbidden on about 50 hectares, livestock must remain outside. The forest can unfold undisturbed. Here, trees can grow old, dead trees slowly decay and provide the basis for new life. This benefits countless species of fungi, plants and animals, which find little room to live in a managed forest. 70% of all trees in La Niva are mountain pines. In places like La Niva, where survival is hard, mountain pines are superior to other tree species. In this natural forest reserve, the forest is becoming more and more relaxed and eventually turns into open land. This is where the Birkhuhn feels at home. There is enough food: leaves and buds of heather and alpine rose as well as blueberries. With the Parc Ela app, you can plan a hike to the barbecue area with the tour planner according to your wishes.


Public Transport

To Savognin Cresta or Savognin Posta, from there about 1.5 hours walk to the fireplace.


Savognin, Cresta


Parking Plang la Curvanera


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