Biotop Surses

Naturwald Val Faller

Naturwald Reservat Val Faller
The Val Faller near Mulegns is a side valley of the Surses. In the natural forest reserve east of the hamlet of Tga, a pure larch forest with few spruces and swiss stone pines grows on 31.4 hectares.


The larches place low demands on the soil and even grow here on serpentine rock. From the 13th century, the Walsers migrated from the Avers Valley to the Val Faller, operated agriculture and alpine farming and used the forest as a supplier of firewood and timber as well as cattle pasture. It has not been used for 50 years. In the upper forest belt, where the forest dissolves into individual trees, live black grouse. The walser settlement, which was formerly inhabited all year round, includes the three hamlets of Arnoz, Plang and Tga with Maiensässen, stables and the chapel Maria Heimsuchung. A visit is particularly beautiful in autumn, when the larches turn golden-yellow.


Naturwald Val Faller

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