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Nossa Caschareia / Savogniner Heumilch Käse


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The Savognin dairy "Nossa Caschareia" has certified the following Parc Ela products: Savognin mountain cheese mild, spicy and recent and Savogniner Mutschli.


Savognin mountain cheese is made from hay milk. In summer, this is delivered fresh daily through the milk pipelines from the Alps to the mountain cheese dairy in Savognin. It comes from dairy cows that spend early summer and autumn on the home pastures and feed exclusively on grass and mountain herbs in summer on the species-rich alpine pastures in Surses. They spend the winter months in playpens with spacious outdoor areas and use aromatic mountain hay. The natural and silo-free feeding of the cows is reflected in a particularly good milk quality and contributes to the spicy taste of savognin mountain cheese. The cheesemaker Patrick Heer and managing director Gion Plaz are looking forward to your visit.

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Savognin, posta


Nossa Caschareia / Savogniner Heumilch Käse

Nossa Caschareia / Veia Naloz 16, 7460 Savognin

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