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Pfarrkirche Son Antoni e Son Linard

Pfarrkirche Son Antoni e Son Linard
Pfarrkirche Son Antoni e Son Linard

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Pfarrkirche Son Antoni e Son Linard

St. Anthony's Church of Rona, in the village of Ruegna. In the background Pizza Grossa, Corn da Tinizong and Piz Mitgel.


The name Rona is derived from the pre-Roman rovina and means earth slip, bedrock area. The village consists of the Rieven on the Julier route and the part on the terrace called Rona. Here is also the baroque church, which was built in 1663, a Gothic predecessor building had been consecrated in 1444. With its interior and exterior design, today's church fits perfectly into the features of the other Baroque buildings of the Oberhalbstein.

Barrel vault above the three-bay nave and retracted rectangular choir with cross vault. In addition, a side chapel. The high altar, equipped with rocailles and a curved crown, shows the figures of Anthony the Hermit, Saints Francis and Blasius. An inscription in the lintel mentions the double patrozinium. The organ façade and the parapet of the gallery were purchased in 1884 from the Benedictine convent of St. Johannes Baptist in Müstair and later supplemented by a modern musical structure. The brochure and parapet essentially determine the overall impression of the church. A strange exchange took place between the distant Koster Müstair and the parish church of Rona. A worthy abbess, Dorothea de Albertis (r. 1666-1686), had a new organ erected during her tenure and did not forget to have her coat of arms depicted in the prospectus. And two centuries later, the Benedictine nuns left the pulpit and organ of their abbey to the mountain community of Rona. The skilful restorers knew how to transform the pulpit into a parapet for the new organ loft and so today in the St. Gaudentius Church in Rona in the middle of the parapet you can admire the coat of arms of the abbess Augustina Troyer (r. 1733-1747), which is surrounded by columns and richly decorated with relief tendrils.


Public Transport

By PostBus from Chur to Rona or by Rhaetian Railway from Chur to Tiefencastel and from there by PostBus to Rona.


Take the Thusis Süd exit and continue in the direction of St. Moritz to Rona.


At the cross-country skiing centre in Rona on the right.


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