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Reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus

Reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus
Reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus
The Reformed

parish hall is the youngest Reformed church building in the region since 1987, the work of the architect Hans-Jörg Ruch, St. Moritz.


On the street side (east), the delicate ensemble with its semicircular worship room, the bright entrance area, the bell bearer and the southern adjacent parking lot with the stately poplars stands out pleasantly from its architecturally special handling. The roof of the semicircular building, which rises to the west, corresponds to the slope rising to Piz Martegnas. Since the building is built on a hillside, one is confronted on its west side on the one hand with a clearly structured two-storey façade, on the other hand with the parking lot wall, whose straight line is emphasized by a small semicircular pulpit. From this, as well as from the large windows of the website, a wide view of the valley opens up.

The upper floor brings the already mentioned entrance part (south side), the semicircular worship hall and on its south side a meeting room, which is separated from the worship hall by a wooden sliding wall. The light in the semicircular room enters on the east side through two window gaps reaching from bottom to top and on the west side through a window front mounted above. From the communion table you get a fantastic view through this window front to the summit of Piz Arblatsch. In general, the windows give the interiors a light-flooded clarity. The floor is made of black slate, the walls are plastered and painted white. The sloping ceiling, rising from the east side to the western window front, is supported by an impressive construction. In the eastern curve is the communion table and the sermon ambo, both rough-hewn. Above the table floats a grand piano, a work by Erika Pedretti/Basis is a gauze, covered with acrylic, reinforced with bamboo sticks, the whole is covered with beeswax and somewhat dusted, this work thus has an organic expression. Thought connections arise quite to the biblical speech of God's wings where man finds protection.


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