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Segantini 03: Turmhaus Peterelli

Turmhaus Peterelli
At today's Stradung 28 once lived government councillor Franz Peterelli. He campaigned for a residence permit for Segantini, who was stateless due to a lack of papers, and together with Viktor Pianta he vouched for the Segantini family.


Segantini did not have it easy as a stateless person in Savognin. Councillor of States and Government Franz Simon Peterelli lobbied the cantonal authorities for the family's residence permit. He contributed decisively to the success of the application for admission to citizenship in May 1902.

Im audio you hear about Giovanni Segantini's difficulties in Savognin and the support he received from some important personalities. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 

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Turmhaus Peterelli


Segantini 03: Turmhaus Peterelli

Stradung 28, 7460 Savognin

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