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Segantini 10: Aratura – Das Pflügen, 1890

Aratura – Das Pflügen, 1890: (116 × 227 cm, Bayrische Staatsgemäldesammlung, Neue Pinakothek, München).
Segantini und Besucher vor dem Gemälde «Sein». Die Holzkonstruktion bleibt Tag und Nacht draussen. Giovanni liess diese extra anfertigen.

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Segantini bei der Arbeit an seinem Werk «Vergehen». Das Bild wird von einer grossen Holzkonstruktion geschützt.
From the Plazza Segantini Segantini, Segantini painted the picture of the hard peasant work in the alpine landscape. He adapted the real terrain to his artistic needs. The staging on site shows Segantini painting the picture, while his wife Bice reads to him as so often.


A first version of this painting was already shown and awarded in 1888 and 1889 at exhibitions in London and Paris. Back in Savognin, Segantini painted over the picture completely. The motif of hard peasant work was preserved as in the first version, but it was painted over in the newly developed painting technique of Divisionism.

Outdoor studio

In a photograph showing Segantini painting the painting, it becomes apparent that the artist painted directly outdoors. He used nature as inspiration and studio. To make this possible, he must have carried the easel and the canvas to the site every day. This was no longer possible with other pictures, which he painted higher up, for example. For this purpose, he had large wooden structures built, which could protect his pictures from the weather for months.


Segantini 10: Aratura – Das Pflügen, 1890

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