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Veia digl Pader 06: Igls sains da Del

Kapelle St. Rochus, Del/Salouf
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Igls sains da Del

Givle sur colms e prada,

cun clera vousch d'unfants,

an lod, onour da Dia,

sainsigns da Del gliuschants.

La curt schi suglialeiva

Puspe lez popular?

Igls morts da noscha boda

Lez vous puspe dasdar?

Vous igls tutgias da Dia,

igls amblidos, tgire,

Anfign tgi prui la veta

or Digl's Miritschs Puspe.

Alloura tot tgi smoglia...

La curt è'n furmiler.

Igls morts da Del s'avanzan,

Grond pievel, pêr a pêr! –

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The Bells of Del

You little bells, cheer over,

with silver voice, bright!

Sounds to the glory of God

in the sunny courtyard Del!

On this barren ground

many people once lived.

Do not forget, you bells,

the people of old!

Will you call to life,

those, quickly swept away,

struck by black plague,

in masses did death call?

Then new life stirs

of earth and rubble:

the dead come again,

a great people that was.

Duri Loza (translation)

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Igls sains da Del


Veia digl Pader 06: Igls sains da Del

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