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Veia digl Pader 10: La pizza

Piz Ela
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La Pizza

Segl feil d'en piz tgi for'igl blo digl tschiel,

scu'gl piz glischaint dad en stilet,

sung ma tschanto, en eremit da l'aria,

Cugls mies partratgs, sulet, sulet.

Anturn anturn gigantics colms sa dolzan,

Sen ter'igl pe, an tschiel igl front!

Cantond e ramurond, cascadas tungan

SCU orglas or d'en oter mond.

Poets e nars, entusiasmos at sbrigian:

"Cant bels igls colms, cant grondious!"

Ia betg! – l'indifferenta, freida pizza

Am fò tot trest e pansarous.

Ia pains: an curt te passas scu en neivel;

TE is an Bara Giu la Val.

L'indifferenta, freida pizza rei

sur la tia schort, te por mortal.

Ma anavant starsungan las cascadas

igl march da mort segl ties repôs...

Igls colms èn anc adegna cò; da dei

te pôssas tranter igls passos....

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The mountain

The mountain pierces the sky's blue abundance

like a dagger bright sharp steel.

I sit on the ridge, the wind to play,

alone, alone with the thought agony.

In the circle around the mountains stand like giants,


foot in the ground, the head in the sky!

Song of the waterfalls rushes and thunders

like organ sounds of another world.

Poets sing enthusiastically, fools shout:

"How beautiful you mountains are, how wonderful!"

I don't! – The unapproachable mountain, the cold,

He makes me think, even makes me sad!

I think; soon you will pass away like the cloud,

lie laid out in the valley, and the mountain,

the cold, unapproachable mountain, it mocks

of the lot, since thou mortal created thee, thou dwarf.

But its waterfalls continue to roar

the funeral march to your grave rest...

The mountains are still standing, even if they have been for a long time

in the realm of the returnees you also rest...

Leza Uffer (translation)

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La pizza


Veia digl Pader 10: La pizza

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