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Veia digl Pader 11: L’orma tgi reiva tar

Weitblick ins untere Albulatal
L’orma tgi reiva tar
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L'orma tgi reiva tar Dia

Va cartia, Signer; ainten Tè;

oz cuntaimpla chegl tg'ia va cartia.

La cardentscha am ò fatg biia;

Sainza vel resplenda la Verdad.

Va spero, o Signer, ainten Tè.

Chegl tg'ia va spero, va cuntanschia.

Giubilond vai'ossa deponia

la mi'crousch davant igls peis digl Bab.

Tè, o Signer, vaia carezzo.

Sur la sferas igl mies spiert sa meida

An sbrinslonta steila tgi sa veida

ve da Tè, suglegl d'etern amour.

Fr. Alexander Lozza

Homecoming of the soul to God

I have believed, O Lord, in my days;

now I look in amazement at what faith saw.

In faith, bliss was close to me,

but now truth is revealed to all questions.

In Thee have I, O Lord, hoped in life;

and what I hoped, God, is now in me.

Rejoiceing, father, have at your feet,

I gave my cross and all suffering.

My heart loved you with every urge.

My mind transforms and circles far away

in other worlds – light-filled star,

ignited by you, sun of constant love.

Leza Uffer (translation)

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L’orma tgi reiva tar


Veia digl Pader 11: L’orma tgi reiva tar

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