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Veia digl Pader 12: Sch’ia va da mantger!

Dorfplatz Riom mit Baselgia Son Luregn
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"Sch'ia va da mantger!"

"Sch'ia va da mantger; O tge povra bargeda!

Cun me franc cupetgigl er tga e clavo!"

El mantga! – Tge mantgigl tar questa mantgeda?

Igl mond strousch s'accorscha tgi el è passo!

Las larmas digls sies èn zont curt temporal,

Lev romp'igl suglegl tras la plievgia da stad.

El veva igl quit d'esser tschep immortal;

beadis dumondan; tgenegn er'igl tat?!

Fr. Alexander Lozza

"When I'm gone"

"When I am no more, oh you sad

Drops! With me goes the house and the

Barn to the ground!" He is missing!- Yes what is missing

because with children and grandchildren? The world


notices that he was here once.

The tears of his own seep into the ground,


fast as the dew evaporates in the sun.

Immortal he thought he was. But one asks

Now: Who was the grandfather in our house?

Duri Loza (translation)

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Sch’ia va da mantger!


Veia digl Pader 12: Sch’ia va da mantger!

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