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Veia digl Pader 13: La mort digl poet

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La mort digl poet

Las sumbreivas da la mort

Steidan betg Sies spiert allert.

Vers la gleisch, scu pulla d'or;

Igl sies sgol el è davert.

Igls sies vers èn artgs e punts

tgi surmontan igl profond,

tgi scu l'evla sies pulschagns,

ans anveidan sur igl mond.

Ossa vei sies îgl saragn

tot igl veir, igl

bel, igl.

Dia è poet suprem;

'gl univers è sia canzung.

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The poet's death

It extinguishes the shadow of death

not the embers of his spirit;

it floats as a golden butterfly

into the light flood.

His verse is a bold bow

who bridges depths,

and, like the Aar the young,

of the world far removed from us.

Now his clear eye looks

of beauty pure light.

God is the first singer;

all is his poem.

Leza Uffer (translation)

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La mort digl poet


Veia digl Pader 13: La mort digl poet

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