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Via Sett: Das Hospiz

Die Überreste des Hospiz Tgesa da Sett, das im Jahr 1100 gebaut wurde.
Via Sett: The Hospice


Here, excavations unearthed the foundations of the former St. Peter's Hospice. Today, only a few and barely recognizable remains can be seen. The hospice was actively used by monks of the Capuchin Order in Bivio during the heyday of the Septimer. From the bishop in Chur they had the instruction to grant protection and help to every newcomer and to take him into the hospice until he could continue his journey - if necessary also free of charge.

With the loss of importance of the Septimer as a transit pass in the 15th century, maintenance was neglected and guests stayed away. As a ruin, it finally served only as a shelter for dubious figures who were up to mischief on the pass.

At the audio symbol , Olivia Spinatsch tells you the story of Domenica and the seven brothers of the Septimer.


Via Sett: Das Hospiz

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