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Via Sett: Die Wasserscheide

Die Wasserscheide auf dem Pass Lunghin.
Via Sett: The Watershed


At first glance, this small mountain stream does not seem to be anything special. But not far from here there is a small sensation. On the Piz Lunghin, about 1 hour's walk from here, is the only triple watershed in Europe. 

From the top of the Lunghin Pass, the water flows into three oceans. The Eva dal Lunghin, the small stream that flows past you, carries the water north into the Julia and then into the Rhine, which finally flows into the North Sea. To the east rises the Inn, which flows through the Engadine into the Danube and finally into the Black Sea. To the south-west, the water flows into the Moira and then with the Po into the Adriatic Sea. 


Via Sett: Die Wasserscheide

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