Your personal holiday assistant

Alp Flix ©Mattias Nutt

JULIA is the new digital holiday assistant for your stay in Val Surses. Behind it is a progressive web app that offers tourist information about the region - matched with your interests!

The name JULIA comes from the river Julia which runs through the whole valley of Surses. From the Julier Pass to Tiefencastel, the JULIA knows exactly what is going on, where and when. The JULIA bundles the tourist information of the region, such as events, hiking or biking tours, excursion destinations, weather data or your personal guest card and presents it to you on your smartphone or computer. 

Personalized inspiration from the digital holiday assistant

How do I receive the JULIA? It's very simple: After booking an accommodation, you will receive an email with the access link to JULIA two weeks before your arrival. This is designed as a progressive web app, so to speak a program in the web browser that does not have to be installed on the smartphone. This means you don't "give away" any storage space on your own device and the app works on all types of devices, independent of brand and operating system.

With the help of the access link you create a personal account, enter a password and configure your profile. Various filters ask for the holiday interests. On this basis, the personalized vacation assistant can provide you with all the information you need about your stay.  If you want, you can already create a personal bucket list with activities, so that you don't miss anything later when you're there.

The use of the digital holiday assistant JULIA is data protection conform and voluntary, you do not have to follow the access link sent to you by e-mail. However, if you change your mind, you can join at any time later.


JULIA for locals - personal assistant for locals and day visitors

The JULIA is not only available for holiday guests, locals and day visitors can also use the service and register.


Register now for JULIA and enjoy the benefits of your personal, digital holiday assistant!

For holiday guests, the JULIA is related to the duration of the stay and includes all services of the guest card. For day guests and locals, the service is available independent of an arrival date.