A lot of snow is to be expected above 2,400 metres above sea level. The hiking trails at this altitude are not passable.

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Parking on the mountain.

Driving permits for driving on field, forest and alpine roads

Since the new law came into force on August 1, 2023, driving on field, forest and alpine roads is only permitted with a permit. Daily, weekly or seasonal permits can be obtained. The permit entitles you to drive on the alpine road for the marked length (see no-drive sign at the beginning of the alpine road) and to park the vehicle in the marked parking spaces. The permit is valid for the whole day and applies to all alpine roads in the municipality of Surses.

Explanations of the parking lots

  • The driving permit is obtained in the valley at the corresponding information board/no driving sign at the beginning of the Alpstrasse. The authorization can be obtained via ParkingPay or TWINT. There is also a notice board at the marked parking spaces with the relevant ParkingPay or TWINT code if you have missed the board in the valley.
  • In principle, however, the permit must be obtained before driving on the Alpstrasse.
  • If you do not have ParkingPay or TWINT, you can obtain the driving permit at the Surses municipal administration counter in Tinizong. On the weekends you can obtain daily or weekly permits (no seasonal permits) from the tourist office in Savognin, provided the counter is open. Opening hours tourist office Savognin.
  • Parking is only permitted in the marked parking spaces.
  • The driving permits are based on the vehicle's license plate number. Check your license plate number. If you enter the wrong information, you risk a fine.
  • Tariffs: CHF 5.00 per day, CHF 20.00 per week, CHF 60.00 per season. (Exception Alp Flix car park)
  • Permits for Maiensäss huts do not entitle you to park in the marked parking spaces. Maiensäss owners should contact the Surse municipal administration for a driving permit.
  • Penalty will be fined CHF 100.00.

Gemeindeverwaltung Surses
Veia Cantunala 57
7453 Tinizong
+41 81 659 11 60

Hinweistafel bezüglich Fahrbewilligung, gefolgt von einer Fahrverbotstafel.