A lot of snow is to be expected above 2,400 metres above sea level. The hiking trails at this altitude are not passable.

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2-day game viewing in Parc Ela

Two days of pure nature: discover the wild and romantic areas of Parc Ela, observe the native animals accompanied by a retired gamekeeper and immerse yourself in alpine life.


21.09.2024, 11:45 Uhr bis 22.09.2024, 15:30 Uhr
17.07.2024, 11:45 Uhr bis 18.07.2024, 15:30 Uhr
CHF 250.00 per person
The motto here is "easy for return" – if you arrive by public transport, you can return for free! All information at www.fahrtziel-natur.ch/de/reiseangebote
Alp d’Err Agrotourissem

From Tinizong, a minibus will take you to the Penza plateau at 1659 m above sea level. Now it goes on foot into the wild and romantic Val d'Err and to the Sennalp at 1975 m. The summit regions are home to ibex and chamois, deer, eagles and bearded vultures – the gamekeeper knows exactly where the wild animals are and shares his knowledge with you. In the evening you will spend the night surrounded by 3000m mountains, including the Bergüner Stöcke with Piz Mitgel, Tinzenhorn and Piz Ela, on the Alp d'Err. At dinner and breakfast, the alpine team will treat you to invigorating dishes and their products made here: around 10,000 kg of alpine cheese, cream, butter and yoghurt are processed here each season. After the night at the Agrotourismo Alp d'Err in one of the two 8-bed rooms, the tour continues at dawn. The gamekeeper will take you via Parsettens to Furschela da Colm at 2398 m with its wildly jagged rocky ridges, over a hidden plateau to Falotta and finally downhill to Alp Flix.

Walking time: 6.5 h I 16 km I 1'040 m 1'145 m (First day: T1 I Walking time: 2.5 h I 5.3 km I ↗Elevation gain ↗: 565 m 48 m ↘↘ second day after Alp Flix: T2 I Walking time: 4 h I10.73 km I Altitude difference ↗ 475 m, ↘1095 m)


Alp d’Err Agrotourissem

7453 Tinizong

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